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Player: Scout
Contact:[ profile] wingedbeastie
Age: 30
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Sombra
Age: 30
Canon: Overwatch
Canon Point: Post Infiltration Short

Background:Wiki Magic Ahoy

Who is Sombra?

A peerless hacker, a sneaky gadfly who understands that only one thing matters to people, computers and the System that controls them both: power. It was power that orphaned her during the Omnic Crisis after all, one of a thousand struck by such tragedy. Power was what rebuilt Mexico for the rich and the influential, ignoring the unremarkable and poor. Watching the world around her move in patterns, Sombra taught herself to hack and began to unravel the ‘how’ and ‘why’ power worked the way it did.

Sombra’s curiosity was honed sharply in the face of adversity and bearing witness to the early stages of rebellion in her city. Los Muertos took her in, hungry for any sort of edge in their revolution, and looked out for her. In return she gave them the information she discovered while hacking and with this protection she grew bolder. Curiosity gave way to experimentation, which gave way to practice as she dealt with the world around her and began building her foothold.

Incomplete information was damned close to worthless as a hacker and the System’s human component could not be entirely controlled by information, so Sombra taught herself to deal with people with the same talent she’d learned to hack. Manipulation came as easily to her as hacking, partly due to her mindset; as a child she walked into a police commissioners office with a basket of bread and got access to all the files on his computer, with little more than a smile . This incident led her to conclude that people and computers functioned the same way, more or less - to control either, one should find a weakness and exploit it.

Her strong analytical skills and ease with manipulation would suggest that her mannerisms with other people would tend towards coldness, but she is actually rather playful for someone capable of murder and blackmail. It is a habit born of social convention - most people have some trouble with shutting down who at the very least sounds polite. It is also a way of conserving mental energy - it’s easier to be nice than to be cruel and because Sombra is trying to collect assets, it’s simpler to lead people to the conclusion she wants them to go to than brutishly force them.

As a hacker, Sombra went unchallenged for most of her early life, supporting high ambitions and fostering a somewhat high opinion of herself that never quite left. Politicians, governments and corporations offered little resistance and she plunged deeper with every cache of information she found. Fearlessness became foolhardiness,until she found herself in far deeper waters; a conspiracy that reached the upper echelons of political, military and social elite. She was forced to run, but went into hiding with the knowledge that she had been right all along.

It was at this time she underwent the procedure that exponentially boosted her ability as a hacker, likely a last favor from the folks she ran with in Los Muertos. An extreme action, but -in her mind- an obvious choice to make. Outdated tech is replaced and destroyed, programs are updated and rewritten entirely and with the revelation that the world really did work the way she believed it to, she needed to be prepared for the next step in her journey to control the system. Sombra destroyed her previous identity entirely, adopting her current moniker. What better name for someone who wishes to be behind everything?

For all of her talent at being where no one wants her and knowing what no one should, Sombra has a rather poor sense of interpersonal timing.There is an expectation of clarity when she’s dealing with people that doesn’t always work in her favor and when assumptions are made because of this gap in knowledge, it annoys her. Her tone is uncharacteristically flat when D.VA accuses her of being an entirely different type of hacker and when Katya Volskaya hesitates she chastises her for being speechless, ignoring the fact that she literally just had a gun aimed at her. Sombra is similarly gauche mere seconds afterwards, stepping over the bodies of the guards as she begins her preposition for ‘friendship’.

A talent for hacking also fails her socially in a larger sense, her hyperfocus on inputs and outputs tends to make her resulting relationships shallow by comparison of her peers. Arguably closest emotionally to the Los Muertos, the transactional nature of their protection is only echoed in her alignment with Talon - they give her backing, she gets them intel. The very human need for intimacy, after so many years of simply manipulating everything for desired outcomes, manifests as alluding to specific incidents or knowing bits of information to get a rise out of people and enjoyment of having engineered a response. Her lack of overall fear leads her to goad people she shouldn’t - such as asking Reaper if she can call him ‘Gabe’ - and her desire for tangible results and reactions explains her comparative disinterest in harassing Widowmaker, who doesn’t feel emotions, the same way. Connections, after all, only exist to be used.


Basic Training: Sombra is extremely athletic,  agile and proficient in parkour, able to scale a ten foot wall with little difficulty. In addition to this, she carries a machine pistol with sixty round capacity.

Hacking: Sombra taught herself how to hack computers from a very early age and is extremely proficient in learning and developing new methods of coding. [ Permissions here ]

Opportunist: Sombra can track the position of severely injured opponents. While it’s not explicitly explained how she does this, it is likely developed from the same technology that allows Mercy to see injured or fallen compatriots. [Will be included in Permissions post.]

Neural Implant: A series of implants that start at her skull and a run through her spine, which allow her to process digital information, hack computers and digital components very quickly, often by touch alone. In addition, she has a set of gloves that act as digital inputs, allowing her to type in mid-air and manipulate holographic windows by touch.

Translocator Beacon: Stolen from what was likely a hack on Overwatch, it is a device that once activated allows her to teleport to it’s location.
  • IG STATUS: Non-functional.

Thermoptic Camouflage:With this, Sombra can disappear for roughly thirty seconds and move with greatly boosted speed for its duration- only detectable by similarly sophisticated tech, like Hanzo’s seeker arrow or Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight visor. This aspect of her upgrade is not extraordinarily powerful; The fact that she cannot attack or hack without breaking the camouflage implies that she cannot focus on anything aside from remaining hidden. If she is injured, the shock also disrupts the camo.  
  • IG STATUS: Diminished. Ability currently exhibits 35% chance of failure on activation,  full camouflage does not work unless she stays still, camo duration is currently twenty seconds.

EMP: Sombra generates an electromagnetic pulse  that disrupts the combat abilities of her opponents and technology around her in a 10 meter radius, even things she cannot ordinarily hack.
  • IG STATUS: Non-functional.

Alignment: Piphron. Sombra, while friendly and willing to work with just about everyone, is out for herself first and foremost. People are not to be trusted, but often she is willing to trust their capabilities.



Sample: Test Drive.



Apr. 25th, 2017 07:18 pm
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 This space for PSLS
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Player: Scout
Canon Point: Post Infiltration short
Alignment: Piphron
Date of Entry: 06/09/2017
» PermissionsIC InboxHMD «

Age: 30
Birthday: [Redacted]
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Dark brown shifting to a purple ombre towards the ends.
Height: 5'5"
Amulet: Sombra's amulet is a piece of bismuth with a familiar shape, set in an obscenely shiny piece of bronze .
Appearance: She looks like this, will be updated as things change.  
Profile: Link
Contact: [Bad username or site: wingedbeastie @]|Discord: wingedbeastie#5712

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character. Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | (yes) | (no).
» Backtagging:
» Threadhopping: ☐
» Hugging: , with the understanding that if you surprise her you will get socked/injured.
» Kissing: , with the understanding that if you surprise her you will get socked/injured.
» Fighting:
» Injuring: ☐, strangulation and excessive blood are both hard nos
» Killing: ☐
» Fourth Wall:
» Manipulation: ☐


Dec. 12th, 2016 05:16 pm
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How well am I doing with Sombra?

Let me know in the comments

IC Contact

Dec. 12th, 2016 04:59 pm
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[This is for contacting Sombra privately, whether over the network or in person]
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This is a permissions post for two very specialized abilities that Sombra has in her own canon: Hacking and Opportunist.  A full breakdown is HERE.

Hacking is Sombra's bread and butter.  That said, it is a skill that she's been practicing since she was a young child and has extraordinary proficiency. If you allow hacking for your character and would like to RP it out, I would happily coordinate how it goes down whether it's just talking it out or dice rolling to simulate chance.  

Opportunist  is a passive ability that Sombra has that allows her to sense when opponents have less than half of their over-all HP. In RP, this will translate as a general sense of the condition of people she has hacked, if they are within the same general area as her (no further than about a city block's distance away).

Comments are screened and you may also PM this journal with your answers. So, if you'd like to interact with either of  these abilities, please answer the following questions:

Can you be hacked by Sombra? ( This is only for characters that share a similar level of technology of her home setting, Overwatch - some level of robotics or cybernetics will be necessary for this to work.)
One Attempt  or Multiple Attempts? ( If allowed, Sombra is somewhat hyper-focused when it comes to hacking and will often persist until she is successful in finding information that she's looking for.)

Hacking for Information:
  • Do you have any firewalls or mental conditioning that would make hacking difficult? (Explain)
  • In case of a successful hack - would you be willing to share secrets or special information your characters have? (Explain)

Combat Hacking -  This is a temporary skill and will last for a scene at maximum.
  • Is Sombra allowed to use her hacking to immobilize?
  • Are there any abilities that you would allow to be temporarily blocked? Any that would be unhackable? 
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A Pro Genji?!? ▸ Genji Shimada
Sombra having a bit of fun with the Younger Shimada.
Going Live ▸ Celty - Durara, The Question - DCAU
Voicetesting our favorite purple hacker.
Empatheias TDM ▸ Jesse McCree, Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes
Test Drive for Empatheias


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